Hey there!

We have launched the alpha version of Disk & Tape, a toolkit for managing files across multiple personal devices. We're seeking early adopters to try it and provide feedback.

We're striving to make our product easy to use but our MVP is command-line based. If you are comfortable with text-based interfaces, then our MVP might be well-suited for you.


Why be an Early Adopter?

  • Immediate Value: Find and delete exact duplicates across multiple computers right away.

  • It's Free: Because we haven't implemented billing yet.

  • Influence Development: Your feedback shapes the product's evolution.

  • 1:1 Support: A direct line to the engineering team if anything goes wrong.

What to Expect:

  • Bugs: Report them and watch us fix them.

  • Updates: Regular improvements based on YOUR feedback.

  • Adventure: Experience the product's growth firsthand.


Please note that our MVP is not yet fully functional, contain known bugs and deficiencies, and is still in active development. We strongly advise to try it only on data that you can afford to lose, like a secondary copy or a filesystem snapshot.

If you are interested, click the button below to request an invite code.

Is this you?

I have a lot of duplicates on multiple devices but I don't know how to find and remove them quickly.”


I keep my data on 20 external hard drives and 40 USB sticks. I don't remember what exactly I have and how to find it.”


I am always running out of space. When I see a hard drive on sale, I buy it because it's easier than deleting unwanted files.”


Introducing Disk & Tape

centralized view 1

A unified view of all the files in the household

No more looking at your files and folders in one location at a time! A unified view allows to query and operate on all the files in your household regardless of where they are stored. Read more

duplicates 2

Duplicate search and removal across multiple devices

No more manually running buggy one-off scripts over SSH or RDP to delete unwanted files on your home server. Instead, request deletion of remote files from a central client application on your primary machine. Read more

encryption 3

Client-side data encryption with your private keys

We don't trust clouds too. That's why almost everything you upload to Disk & Tape Cloud is encrypted with your private keys that never leave your household. Read more

What is not encrypted?

no monetization 4

No ads. No scraping. No customer data monetization.

This is our fundamental principle. We value it highly. Our customers do too. We do not earn money by selling your personal data or attention to others. We earn money by selling our product to you.

Why choose Disk & Tape?